Television shows

Television shows

Kaftor Vaferach – Television series on the subject of Israel

Erev chadash – daily TV series on current events hosted by Dan Margalit

Krovim Krovim – TV sitcom series with Yehoram Gaon

Lo Nachazir af Sha’al – radio program with Shaike Ofir

Shelachem Lesha’ah Kala – radio program with Gadi Yagil

Shelachem Lesha’ah Kala – radio program with Gadi Yagil and Rivka Michaeli

Delet Haxamim – children’s TV Series

Fistuk – children’s TV Series with Sefi Rivlin

Parpar Nechmad – children’s TV Series

Uli&Yuli – Toddler TV series

Yisurey – Ephraim – TV sitcom series by Ephraim kishon


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