Sharim Moreshet – The Show


Sharim Moreshet is a special project created by Nurit Hirsh
And the Ministry of Education and is integrated in the curriculum.
During the year the children study Nurit’s songs and in the end of the year the school produces a show in which the children take an active part in the presence of the parensts. The show is dedicated to Nurit’s work through music and dance.




Concerts with school children in Israel
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Shoham Kefar Saba Beit Hasefer Hayarok
Nes tzionz Karmiel 2013
Ohel Meir- Kiryat Ekron Ashalim June 2015
Sharim Moreshet with Nurit Hirsh Hovevey Tzion –B’nei Tzion
Rotem – Ashkelon Eshkol – Be’er-Sheva
Pardes Tsfoni-Yavne Israeliya
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